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Oracle and Psychic Readings via Email Request

3 cards or 3 Questions - $20 (approximately  £13.15)

Distance Reiki Healing Sessions via Email Request

Single Session - $20 (approximately  £13.15)

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Full Week Session - $70 (approximately  £46.01)

We hold reiki distant healing sessions each day through the week for those that have sent us an email and wish to receive it. We make a list of those that wish to have the energy sent to them with basic information about them - full name, town and country (which is confidential). You can receive healing Reiki energy anywhere in the world at any time.

The benefits of this way of distant healing are – you can carry on as normal doing your shopping, cleaning your house, your job, driving your car or even sleeping in your bed – you do not need to stop doing whatever you want, just be safe in the knowledge that the reiki energies will be sent to you. Reiki Distance Healing is safe, requires no prior diagnosis and works alongside any medication

No one has to know you are receiving reiki treatments if you do not wish for them to know.

Will you feel anything during the reiki distant healing? Each person reacts differently, there are no set rules as each person can feel different from treatment to treatment. Sometimes you may feel different parts of your body going warm, sometimes you might feel a bit colder instead. Sometimes a slight tingling and sometimes you may feel nothing but that doesn’t mean you have not received the reiki energy as it is always received. Your body will absorb as much or as little Reiki as you need at that time.